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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  October 2, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. there is growing concern for a saratoga man who has been missing now for two weeks. we will tell you what is planned for today and how you can help. oh, it is champagne time in oakland. the a's are going to the playoffs for the first time in six years. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. good morning, thank you for joining us october 2nd, i am pam cook. >> steve is joining us, so get ready for a lot of different things. well, it is 65 in san francisco which is warmer than
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antioch and livermore, so it is going to be a warm day and the key is when does that sea breeze kick in, probably 2:00 it kicks in, and it will not matter, here is sal. if you are driving down to the 580 interchange there are no problems on the richmond bridge. also looking at the san mateo bridge, that traffic is heading out to the high-rise. we have breaking fire in vallejo, allie rasmus is there with a look at effort to control this fire and you are on el comino royal, right? >> reporter: news chopper 2 is overhead and we can show you a live picture of what this looks like right now. this fire started at 3:15 this morning and it was three-alarm fire and we don't know the cause of the fire and
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investigators are about to go into the house and start looking but he believes this fire started in the garage and may have spread to some of the bushes nearby. now there were two occupants inside. a father and son were woken up by their smoke detogether force. they -- detecters. aid chance to talk to the father briefly and he credits those working smoke detecters with saving their lives. he said he would not have woken up if not for that. now the size of the home is 3800 square feet. temperatures, it is a little bit warmer out here than what firefighters in vallejo are used to which is why they have so many people out here working this fire. they had 35 firefighters and an extra crew just to replace the two crews who were already here giving them some time to warm
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up and the two people inside got out, they made it out thanks to their working smoke detecters. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 morning news. also in overnight news, a violent night ended with two people dead after a separate shooting. the first one was reported at 9:00 at 90th avenue and mcarthur boulevard. two men sitting in a car were shot. one died at the scene and the other was taken to hyland hospital. a 14-year-old was hit and taken to another hospital. another man was shot and killed at mcarthur boulevard and diamond street. witnesses say it appears the shooter followed him into the store and opened fire. the shooter left the scene on foot and police are investigating both those
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shootings. cleanup continues in the central valley this morning after that amtrak train headed from oakland to bakersfield and jumped the tracks. investigators will be out there trying to figure out if the crash was caused by driver error, malfunctioning crossing arm or something else. at least 40 people were hurt when that train collided with a big-rig as it derailed. 70 people were on board including a newborn baby. >> the seat in front of us was literally ripped out so i had to lift up the debris and i found him in his car seat. >> now train tracks will be closed during the investigation and buses will be carrying passengers during this morning's commute. concern is growing for a saratoga man who has been
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missing for more than two weeks. here is more on how the family is reaching out to the public for help. jeanine? >> reporter: this is where a vigil will be held at sacred heart church which is all for this man, his name is eric garcia and we are told by family and friends he has a heart condition and he is without his medication. he was last seen leaving a party on his harley near vine and good year in san jose. he told his friends he would be right back and he never returned. they created a facebook page and they hope it will lead to a tip about his whereabouts. many are worried for his family. he is described as 6-foot 10 inches tall and also has a tattoo with a harley davidson
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system bomb on the -- symbol on the back of his head. if you have any information you are asked to give san jose a call. back out here live, family and friends are telling people to meet in the parking lot of sacred heart church on willow street. they plan on lighting a candle for garcia's safe return. in election news, showing the race for the white house, it is still very close. 50 percent say they support president barack obama and several report mitt romney. mitt romney appeared to have an edge among likely voters and president barack obama a to have -- appears to have an
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advantage on taxes and foreign policy. and on this eve against president barack obama, we will take you live to our washington d.c. bureau and we will tell you how the new ads are stirring up controversy over tax increases. they will be playing in the postseason... >> the a's preceded the texas rangers and they clinched one of two american league wildcard spots. they now have playoff shirts and hats and now a pie in the face. as you can see the celebration continued into the clubhouse and the champagne and beer was flowing and there has was also some dancing going on. if they win tomorrow, they
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still get that wildcard spot. i didn't expect to be door here so we are really excited. >> tdoes it feel like you thought it would? >> well, way better but this is what you work your whole life for. >> now, you can send your photos to us at and you can share them on twitter, it is always fun to with the pie in the face? >> you have to do the pie in the face, you have to sneak up on them, they have to be in the middle of something else... >> well, they do it all the time and they like it too. >> it is kind of funny. congratulations to the oakland a's. you know, most of us have to go to work and have to get to the
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bay bridge but if you are driving any time soon, it is just a little bit of a crowd and if you can get going soon you might avoid the busiest tie. north and southbound and again, rangers play at the collagen and that will be going on all over again. the morning commute looks good on the san mateo or dumbarton, heading out to the peninsular. let's go to steve. josh red deck has been -- josh has been doing that all year long. much of the coast went from 60s and cold like that on october 1st, yesterday's high 90- degree, that is the hottest since september 25th since 2010, and the average high is
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70, so it will be very close today. santa cruz said 90, i can pete that. i think about 9 today and if you have questions, it is warmer than livermore fairfield san jose stockton and sacramento. that is a very mild morning for san francisco. northeast at fairfield, so no sign of a sea breeze yet. this system will usher in a sea breeze and it is always a tough call when the sea breeze kicks in. it will be another warm day for all in fact 89 for san francisco, 96 would be and that will retire everyone else but most of the temperatures were warmer than what we had forecasted today. look at that drop, we will
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carry that into the weekend with temperatures now sliding into the 70s. well, there is a string of male theft. the areas are targeted and the specific pieces now being taken. a map is being hailed as a seen yes. a sad story about two missing missioner men, one body has been found, we will tell you who made that discovery.
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. sad story, they found the body of one of the two missing fishermen. his body was found 6:30 last night. his name has not officially been released, however we do know that 55-year-old ping tao tsang and 65-year-old carl deng disappeared on saturday after their fishing boat flipped over. they were not wearing life jackets. the two other men were wearing life jackets and were able to make it to shore safely. they may be abandoning any hope of a peace deal in afghanistan. they report generals in afghanistan have reportedly given up a peace deal with the taliban. they are hoping the afghan government can work out some
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kind of an agreement once combat forces leave. they have approved any peace deal. the average american household family comes if congress fails to avoid a looming cliff. that is according to the center. tax cuts are set to go into effect in january but a bipartisan group of senators are working on a plan that would put off increases in cuts while addressing the deficit. lawmakers say no action will be taken until after november. mitt romney's campaign is out with a new scathing add campaign ahead of tomorrow's debate. here is more on how the ads target president barack obama on taxes. >> reporter: the mitt romney's campaign new slow began, we can't afford four more years of president barack obama. and in a new ad out today, mitt
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romney is accusing president barack obama of raising new taxes and planning new tax increases if he gets another term. >> liberals pay for government run healthcare, you will pay more for taxes and for your medicine. >> reporter: campaign staffers say he has lowered taxes and his claim is mostly true, both candidates are spending the day off the campaign trail practicing for tomorrow's big day. mitt romney is softening his stance on a key immigration issue and now he is saying he will honor temporary work permits, allow them to stay in the united states because of president barack obama's recent executive order. reporting live from washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> don't forget, we will bring
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you the coverage live and the debate will be followed by a special addition of our ktvu news. and they are warning about identity theft after several male thefts were reported in novato. 2 dozen mailboxes were reported on school road and crest road. the mail stolen included personal checks, credit cards and other items containing financial information. if you have any information about these thefts, get in contact with the police. in berkeley, get in contact with the city lie -- sit-lie ordinance where people would be banned during certain hours. some say it's good for business but some protesters say the law targets homeless. nurses walked off the job just a few minutes ago in a
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strike that is scheduled to last more than 24 hours. hundreds of replacement nurses have been hired and hospitals will stay open, however they will be closed in windsor because of the strike and the hospital is at odds because of on call pay >> >> a bay area man started a local anti-property program and has now been named genius award winners. maurice miller started the family initiative and now has several spinoff programs all around the country. it brings community members like some of these folks bringing them all together sharing their resources and solving problems. they also set and work towards financial professional and educational goals.
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he will receive $500,000 and he can spend that money anyway he wants. right now 6:18, we will check in with sal for a look at traffic. sal? things are getting busier as you head out the door and let's take a look at the freeway. you can see traffic is going to be busy especially getting to emory i will have aen when you get to the bay bridge, metering lights are turned on and it is backed up beyond the 880 over crossing and we have another tight day at the crossing. dumbarton bridge looks good and so far so good it looks good to gilroy to morgan hill, nice looking drive to san jose and sunny veil. let's go to steve. no breeze yet, she said how can i look great when it is
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this hot. julie, you look fabulous, don't worry. >> it is warm in many inland locations. there is no delta breeze, 70s and 80s near 100s inland and that sea breeze comes in later. 65 and 66 in hayward, this is rare occasion, no sea breeze anywhere. nothing has happened yesterday. you see the low coming up and once it cops in that wind will kick in and it is a very mild morning but we'll see the sea breeze not before we see inn lance temperatures -- inland temperatures coming through and with your weekend always in view, it will be significantly
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cooler. the largest retail trade shows sales will increase slightly during the holidays. retailers will take in $586 billion during november and december, but a percent and inn -- percentage increase is less than two years. that is because they are dealing with higher gas prices and we are waiting to see what they do about extending tax cuts. the recall of trader joe's peanut butter now includes peanut butter almond butter, cash shoe butter and blanched and roasted products. adding to the list, safe way's open nature and house brand at sprouts farmer's market and fresh and easy as well as several others, so be aware. time now, another sign, the
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new 49 area stadium, you will have a chance at season tickets in santa clara. and a fire in the law offices of the mayor, we will have more on why he thinks that fire was set. [ male announcer ] the career landscape of america is changing. new jobs are here, and by 2025, we could have millions more that demand qualified college graduates. many in the bay area. at devry university, our market-responsive bachelor's and master's degree programs can give you what you need to succeed in today's careers and the ones on the horizon. get the know how you need for a new tomorrow at our 4 bay area locations, online or both. learn more at and let nothing stand in your way. learn more at
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. look at this, a huge warehouse explosion, it started yesterday afternoon at speedway international. it is a company that sells met not for car racing. the heat and the fumes closed down several streets as you can imagine. firefighters were able to get all of that under control. investigators now say the fire at the vallejo mayor osby davis is a case of arson. it destroyed many of his client records. mayor osby davis said he believes it was meant to intimidate him but he says the tactic did not work. >> i am not fearful for my life, but i am concerned for my family. >> reporter: he will not link the two other acts of vandalism
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to his home but he thinks it may be related to his position as mayor and he will leave the investigation up to the police. you can sign up online to buy seat licenses for the new santa clara stadium. they have already bought out 52 percent of that 68,500,000 stadium. they are now selling for as much as $80,000 but they will go between 2 and $6,000 a seat and this is set to open in 2014. the open world oracle conference is expected to open and 50,000 people are going to be at the event. now ceo larry ellison will give a major speech about social
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media at 2:45 this afternoon. the oracle conference will run through thursday. time now 6:26, sal, what do you see out there? >> it is getting more crowded and if you are drive around the -- driving around the bay area, it is not a huge crowd. we'll see some slowed traffic, 680 getting out from pleasanton heading south, it doesn't look too bad. quick weather with steve. very quick, no breeze yet, it will be warm to hot. 70s to near 100 degrees, we will talk about that coming up in about seven minutes. a somber day in albany, how teachers and students will be remembering a one time popular educator and coach. a two alarm house fire in vallejo -- excuse me, three-
6:28 am
alarm fire in vallejo, we will tell you why they say they were able to get out unharmed. plus the opening bell is about to ring on wall street, pam will have your early stock numbers. ♪
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add in seasonal salads, soups, and sweet treats. map. welcome back, that is the mother of a fallen lieutenant and they are celebrating the latest war ship named in honor of her son. they are celebrating in honor of him today and over on the nasdaq, they were ringing the
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only bell remotely from headquarters. the parent come will maintain craft foods, of course a very recognizable brand. we will have all the business news coming up. thank you for joining us here on ktvu channel 2 morning news, a brand-new day, it is a tuesday october 2nd. i am dave clark. and we are continuing with breaking news where firefighters have knocked out a fire at a home. allie rasmus is there outside the scene on el comino royal for more on the cause of this fire, allie? >> reporter: well you can see where it happened right here behind us. it is on el comino royal in vallejo and the two people who lived here will get out safely. we will have more on how they were able to do that and first i want to point out how there are a lot of imagine crews.
6:32 am
it took 40 to 50 firefighters to put this fire out and part of the challenge was the sheer size of the house and it is about 3800 square feet and you can get a sense of that from news chapper 2 who was out news chopper 2 who was out here this morning. it took more crews to put out the fire. it started at 3:15 this morning and they don't know what started it but they know where it started. >> it started in the garage but the garage has two additional rooms off of it and they got up off the first floor into the second floor. now a father and his adult son were sleeping when the fire started and they were able to get out unharmed thanks to the working spoke detectors. the father told me it was that unusual smoke alarm that woke
6:33 am
him up, jolted him out of bed and he credits that device with saving his life. now that the fire is out, you can see some of their flashlights and investigators are going through the house and they are strike to pinpoint the cause of this fire. firefighters will be out here to figure out how the investigation is going. in overnight news, oakland police are investigating several shootings where two peep were killed sever more shot and we will have the latest details on what happened overnight, here is are more. >> reporter: he told me it was an unusually violent night in oakland. they will be investigating for three different locations. the violence originated at
6:34 am
mcarthur and 90th. officer found two men shot in a car close to 9:00 p.m. one man died and another man was transported to eye dash hyland -- hyland hospital. then got a call, a mother and her teenage daughter were driving down that area and the 14-year-old was -- 14-year-old was hit in the leg with a bullet. the teen is expected to be okay. then around 10:20 more than an hour after, police got another call. a woman in her 30s was shot in the arm and another person injured from that liquor store. police are not sure why she waited so long. we have several calls to try to get an update about the investigation as well as suspect or suspects in this
6:35 am
case lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 morning news. about an hour later another man was killed and witnesses say they think the victim was followed to the store. the gun mass waited for him to come out and started shooting. the man died at the scene and the gunman escaped. in about an hour, a candle light vigil will be held to remember a teacher and we will take you to where a memorial has been set up to remember a 6th grade teacher. he was found dead inside a parked car in san lorenzo and police say it appears to be suicide. his death comes one week after he was arrested with accusations of molesting a former student. >> he was a good teacher. even his mom knew him personally and she was more surprised than i was.
6:36 am
>> grieve counselors will be there to help students with his death. a man is accused of trying abduct a nine-year-old girl from a san mateo elementary school. he is charged with kidnapping and trespassing. he walked into a bathroom at parkside elementary school and grabbed a nine-year-old girl. he is accused of forcing her off the school campus but the little girl fought pack and managed to get -- fought back and managed to get away. supporters of alan blueford took over. he was shot and killed by oakland police in may. family members will be back at city hall demanding to see the police report.
6:37 am
they are demanding their rights to speak out and they want to make changes to prevent any new interruptions. it created quite a distraction. it happened at 4:00 a.m. and the truck was parked on the side of the road when the fire started. nobody was inside and the cause is still under investigation. in santa rosa police are looking for an arsonist to set two fires in an office building. they are just a short distance apart. investigators say somebody threw poll testify connect -- molotov cocktails at the building, fortunately nobody was hurt. it is a reminder for the hot dry fire dangers we are experiencing. we will have more on how many homes were lost and how it
6:38 am
could have been worse. still no electricity after losing power. more than 12,000 customers, it started at 10:00 last night. they are saying, power should be back on this morning. we want to go right to sal because there is a major crash in san francisco, where is that sal? it is a major crash on the 28th 0 northbound -- 280 northbound, it is blocked at trump bell road and there is a lot of fire crews and police on the scene. northbound near all many boulevard -- all main any -- it is the boulevard and in san francisco if you are driving
6:39 am
there, this will catch your attention. san francisco, it is backed up to the mcarthur maze and those metering lights are on and if you are driving out to 808, -- 880, traffic is good in both directions. good morning, this is something i hardly ever say, the temperatures are going up. usually it's cold and windy, if it is 65 and 70, if you have classes at san francisco state you will be where am i? well downtown san francisco officially hit 90 degrees so it is a little warmer for some, 92 in a couple of locations and that was the hottest temperatures since 2010.
6:40 am
santa cruz said 90? what are you talking about we blew right passed that and watsonville is 101 and it will still be warm, no sea breeze, no sign of it yet, it will be warm to hot, probably not record-setting territory. the records all on this panel were set. napa was is 02. san jose, it is warmer in hayward inn cloud asking stockton or the area but it is a very mild morning by the coast with some upper 40s and lower 50s. the key will be when that sea breeze kicks in i'll say around 2:00 but inland temperatures are warm to hot and it will really cool down thursday and temperatures will drop off the
6:41 am
table pie the weekend. we have -- by the weekend. we have developing news we brought you about 45 minutes ago, the latest on a deadly border accident in arizona. many are growing worried over the disappearance of their friend. we will tell you what is planned later tonight for him. good morning, highway 4, slowed traffic is coming up and it is also getting very slow in bay point.
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. sea breeze should kick in later today, still near 100 inland. here is a look at some of the top stories we are following for you, new this morning firefighters want to know what caused this early morning fire in vallejo. two people escaped this home in el comino royal and investigators believe it may have started in a garage. they did it just like that. they beat the texas rangers 4-3 and they are claiming a wildcard spot at the very least and they also have a chance to
6:45 am
be division champs if they beat the rangers today and tomorrow. republican challenger mitt romney is getting ready for the presidential debate. they are practicing in henderson nevada while mitt romney practices in denver. you will be able to watch that beginning at 6:00 tomorrow evening. concern is growing for a saratoga man missing for two weeks. jeanine della vega just spoke with police for an update, jeanine? >> reporter: pam, i just got off the phone with police and they don't have too much information and they are hoping for any tips that will help lead them to eric garcia. we are told by family and friends he has a heart condition and he is without medication so tonight we have planned a vigil to take place at sacred heart church. let's go to a picture from
6:46 am
saratoga go. he was last seen in the area of good year streets. he was attending a party and told his friends before midnight he would be right back and left on his harley davidson motorcycle. he has not been seen since. he is 350 pounds, has short brown hair and goatee. he has a tattoo on the back of his head with a harley davidson symbol. they are trying to get the word out and they are doing their own searches but they are running out of ideas. a biking website said he is a member of the motorcycle club but at this point there is no reason to believe his disappearance has anything to do with that affiliation. garcia rides a harley with a california license plate listed on the screen. if you have any information about his whereabouts you are asked to call police.
6:47 am
tonight at 7:00 family and friends are telling you to come here at willow park place and they are saying a prayer and they are hoping for his safe return. jeanine della vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. we continue to follow news out of arizona. a u.s. border patrol act has been shot and killed. another one was shot near the border of arizona. the search is underway for the shooter. now acts were assigned to a brian terry station. it is named after the border -- patrol related to the fast and furious. and two niners, now one with of them regrets his actions. >> if you look up the definition, i mean that is what
6:48 am
a monster is. in 2002, leeboy and john mohammed were linked to 10 killings in the d.c. area. he was 17 years old at the time and is now serving a life sentence. he recently told the washington post he is a changed man. mohammed was executed in 2009. he is the other shooter. they will now undergo a mental evaluation following the outburst in court. now during a brief hearing yesterday, one goh suddenly stood up and shouted to the judge, i have a motion. his defense lawyer put out a motion on his mental state. he is accused of killing seven people at the oikos university where he was once a student.
6:49 am
he is due back in court later this month. later this morning testimony resumes in the trial of giselle esteban, the union city woman charged with killing nursing student michelle le. attorneys from both sides made opening statements and the prosecution called it a premed dated -- premeditated murder. they say it was man slaughter but that giselle esteban did not mean to kill michelle le but snapped when provoked. she was thinking michelle le was dating the father of her child which led her to stack and killed michelle le in the year 2011. and a fire danger is posed by this hot weather. a fire started near highway 116 and highway 101. the fire left a dozen people homeless. it started near record temperatures along the coast.
6:50 am
a fire in mendocino county also started fires but that has not prompted any evacuations. they are offering jobs literally around the state to help fill about 30 jobs. it is thanks to a 7.8 million dollars grant from federal govern -- from a federal government. well a proposed parcel taxes, it may help reopen three fire stations that were forced to close down back in july. >> sal, i'm sure you are starting in san francisco, is that right? >> yes, alameda northbound, it is an on and off ramp and it's shut down because of this crash. a car came and hit a motorcyclist and the street is
6:51 am
closed and there are muni reroutes in the area. northbound 280 a lot of fire crews and chp and police are there on the scene. let's move along to the bay bridge, you can see traffic here is going to be moving along pretty well -- did i say pretty well, pretty slowly, i am being too optimistic although it's not bad on the bridge. here at the toll plaza, you will be here around 20 minutes. 6:51 let's go to steve. sal, you know the hip beach in the city? >> yes. >> 75 in twin peaks, san francisco state is actually in the mid-60s. inland temperatures are
6:52 am
noticeably cooler and temperatures will be starting off with 80s and 90s and 100s. hottest temperatures will be inland and if that sea breeze does not kick in, all bets are off. it is warmer than many inland locations and not a sea breeze yet. we have not seen anything yet and a little system will start to usher in -- hold on a second, once that gets close that is a low pressure system and that will turn that wind westerly and by thursday we'll see 60s and 70s and 80s inland. today looks to be toasty for some and even a sea breeze on the coast. 70s and 80s and 90s closer to beaches. it will be closer and with your
6:53 am
weekend always in view a big drop on those temperatures. toys-r-us are matching all products and will match any competitor's price as long as a customer has a valid print ad which does not include online ads. they are known to be quote in limited quantities but the offer does run through christmas eve. this is for pam cook, fleet week starts here in the bay area, so get ready to start watching the sky. which you will be able to look at this weekend's big air show. and being recognized for something the city is not very proud of, stay tuned. d-con. get out.
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. welcome back, dow jones industrial average is up 14 points and the new york state attorney general's office is looking for blame on the crisis and lists say this is just the beginning. they reached a new high more than 400 homicides in chicago up 2 5% from the same time last year. well police say the murder rate actually slowed down since
6:57 am
summer. >> >> police in hong kong have arrested six crew members from two passengers boats killing 37 people. it happened during the fireworks show. more than 100 people were thrown off the boat and into the water. the accident is being called one of the deadliest for hong kong. here later, you can watch the blue angels fly. it is all ahead of fleet week which kicks off and blue angels will be practicing thursday and friday and they will be performing hopefully because there is no fog. >> crowds will also be enjoying america's cup style one of many events happening in the city this week. crowds are expected to turn out for the bluegrass festival, the oracle world conference, the street fair and the 49ers are playing and the italian
6:58 am
heritage parade is on and the police say their whole staff will be working. muni will be extending services and 100 extra taxies will be out on the streets. let's check in with sal. a quick look at the toll plaza, it is backed up and in san francisco northbound 280 and we have a crash in al maim my. and two people dead, even an innocent teenager is caught in the crossfire. we have a destructive house fire in vallejo, we will be right back. many in the bay area. at devry university, our market-responsive bachelor's and master's degree programs can give you what you need
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to succeed in today's careers and the ones on the horizon. get the know how you need for a new tomorrow at our 4 bay area locations, online or both. learn more at and let nothing stand in your way. @erika derry: and the fact that cacalifornia isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation.


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